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I am a contemporary romance women's fiction novelist who is writing a series about a group of characters that want to reach out to you and talk about having fun with Mr. Wrong throughout their daily life. Someday soon these characters will be telling their story in book format. They're just waiting for the right publisher. Meanwhile I would like to share with you some exerpts the book and some new scenarios that the Fab Four so inspire me to share with their fan base. I hope you will find the stories enjoyable, humourous at times and perhaps inspiring as it may or may not apply to your own life!

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Happiness in Love & Career

Please see

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Career & Love — Is the success Mutually Exclusive

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So Long , A Short Story

 “You ready to go?” Janice popped her head in Christine Howard’s office cubicle. “Ready as ever.” “Did you get the reports done for Dan?” Christine sighed. “Yup, I worked here past midnight last night. I’m sure ready for a drink … Continue reading

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It’s common sense but uncommon behavior

          Margo was simply fed up at work and slipped away from the office unnoticed. She went to The Bliss Nail & Spa Salon on Nassau Street, downtown as far away from her mid-town Branch that … Continue reading

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Missing Guido Most During the Christmas Season

It was Friday night and Carmala was home, alone, in her downtown Manhattan 800 square foot apartment. She’d finally broke up with Guido after going back and forth with her decision and now was feeling really low. It was the holiday season and everyone was … Continue reading

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Why Me?

Carmala couldn’t understand how he could live with himself for doing it and why she continued to put up with him. Granted, spending time with him after a long hard day in her competitive business was like taking a soak in a perfectly … Continue reading

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