About Celia, the Writer


My name is Celia and I call this picture “Zen”, it was taken on a mountainside in Costa Rica. I am a big believer in “self-actualization” and that is you bring to your life that which is most closely associated with your authentic self. As a young corporate ladder climber I practiced daily meditation before I set forth into the world. The only problem was that, even though I ran my own sales team, it was impossible to maintain my “chi” in the corporate world and I’d frequently was stressed out and rather unhappy. It was my life-long dream to be a published novelist and that is what I am seeking now. I would like to spread my, hopefully, entertaining, sometimes humourous and  insightful stories about relationships. I am doing this via my set of novels called the “having fun” series with the first one named “Having Fun with Mr. Wrong”. I am currently self-editing the original book and seeking the right publication path.  I’ve started this blog to attract a potential fan base. Those of you who follow me are considered my valued friends and fans and I will keep you posted about the progress of this project. You will see periodic excerpts about the lives of my characters as they so inspire me to write. I hope you will enjoy them  and your feedback or questions are welcomed. Please be kind, for my heart is a sensitive one and while constructive criticism is welcomed I don’t want to give up!! 


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