It’s common sense but uncommon behavior






Margo was simply fed up at work and slipped away from the office unnoticed. She went to The Bliss Nail & Spa Salon on Nassau Street, downtown as far away from her mid-town Branch that she could get. She didn’t want to risk running into anyone from work.

My Chi smiled brightly when Margo walked in. She was probably glad to have the business on a slow Thursday afternoon.

“Margo, nice to see you. You come for pedicure?”

“I was going to get my nails done.” Margo showed My Chi her polish chipped nails.

“Good I do nails and pedicure too. I have you soak your feet now.”

My Chi took Margo’s hand and pulled her to the back of the salon where the row of empty pedicure chairs stood and soft spa music played. Margo sat back in the cushions of the pedicure chair and fiddled with the chair remote trying to get the massage to work.

“You don’t worry. I fix for you. You relax now.” My Chi said.

My Chi got the massage chair to work and Margo sank back into it enjoying the mechanical massage fingers as they moved along her neck and worked their way down her spine. My Chi then filled the pedicure tub at her feet with warm water and spooned special blue powders in the tub. Margo then slipped her feet into the tub feeling the rush of water swirling around her feet. She closed her eyes and breathed in deep, the aroma of lavender and peppermint filling her senses.

“I’m worried about your sister Janet.” My Chi said.

Margo looked at My Chi and said, “Why do you worry about her? Janet’s got the life, no worries, and runs around in the night clubs every night.” Margo closed her eyes again. Janet could take care of herself just fine. She was a big time insurance broker who lived on the upper-east side. She had the carefree life of a single girl. What could she possibly complain about?

“She wants relationship but cannot get it. I tell her it’s because she’s too quick.”

“Too quick?” Margo opened her closed eyes to peer at My Chi.

“I tell you. She should say she lives with parents. Men like that. She says to them she takes care of parents man knows she take care of him. The man no like when girl lives by herself. Doesn’t like when he is asked to come to her apartment after date. He thinks that she does that with other men.”

Oh God, who did she sleep with now? “I’ve tried to give her advice before but she never listens to me. I thought she was having fun with all the guys.”

“She has fun but then is alone. She not happy.” My Chi said while taking her right leg out of the tub and then vigorously massaging it. “She’s too quick. Ancient Chinese saying, it takes ten steps to climb up stairs. You skip steps you trip and fall. She keeps falling.”

“She’s acting too desperate.”

“She needs to know how to say no. When man asks you to go to dinner you say no, you’re busy, have plans with your family. When I met my husband, Lee, I didn’t always say yes. I thought he was nice, nicer than other mens that like me. One time I tell him I’m busy. He then came to my home. I peeked through window and saw him waiting at the door. I told my father to tell him I wasn’t home. I went upstairs but Lee, he knew I was there. After he left he called me and asked why I told my father to tell him I wasn’t home when I was there. But he no give up. And then he marry me.”

“So you gave him reason to chase you?”

“Yes man needs to know he cannot get you when he wants you then he wants you more.”

“Janet has already told me that she doesn’t like to play games. She wants sex and feels she’s at her prime so she gets it for herself.”

“She not just wants sex. She wants boyfriend. But the way she acts she not going to get boyfriend. Man no want something that he can get so easy. Also the way she dresses. Not good.”

“She usually buys the best from the designers on 5th avenue. What’s wrong with her clothing?”

“It’s not important that she wear designer clothes. It the show. She shows too much. Man not want to see everything then there’s nothing for him to think about. He can see that anywhere than why would he want to see her?”
“I know what you’re saying; she leaves nothing to the imagination. It’s really just common sense.”

“Yes common sense but not common to insensible woman.”

Margo laid her head back and closed her eyes. This was Janet’s problem not her’s, What could she do for her if she doesn’t listen? Margo was glad that she was a married woman and didn’t have to worry about these things.


About celiaboop

I am a contemporary romance women's fiction novelist who is writing a series about a group of characters that want to reach out to you and talk about having fun with Mr. Wrong throughout their daily life. Someday soon these characters will be telling their story in book format. They're just waiting for the right publisher. Meanwhile I would like to share with you some exerpts the book and some new scenarios that the Fab Four so inspire me to share with their fan base. I hope you will find the stories enjoyable, humourous at times and perhaps inspiring as it may or may not apply to your own life!
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