Missing Guido Most During the Christmas Season

It was Friday night and Carmala was home, alone, in her downtown Manhattan 800 square foot apartment. She’d finally broke up with Guido after going back and forth with her decision and now was feeling really low. It was the holiday season and everyone was out having fun, attending parties while she was home crying. She called best friend Margo who was still at work even though it was  nine at night.

“Margo, I’m so lonely I could die.” Carmala wailed while wiping a tear off her cheek.

Margo tore herself away from her laptop screen and answered the phone. “Carmala I’m sure glad to hear from you. I’m actually thankful for the interruption. But really Carmala why are you home on a Friday night? We’ve gone over this a million times. You need to get out and meet a new guy. Moping at home isn’t going to do anything. It’s Friday night, didn’t you go to happy hour?”

“No, I didn’t feel like it. I thought it’d be better to come home and relax.” She grabbed a tissue blew her nose and threw it in the growing pile of used tissues at her feet. “It cold and rainy out.”

Margo looked out her window from her office which overlooked Broadway noting a light rain falling on the new snow. “It’s Christmastime you should be out. The weather’s not bad, it’s only 50 degrees. The stores are open late, why not grab a peppermint latte and go shopping? You love shopping.”

“Why don’t you join me?”

“I can’t, I have way too much work to do.”
“Don’t you have any Christmas shopping to do?”Carmala asked while blowing her nose again.

“It’s only the 15th, I have time.” Just then she an automated email alert popped up on her screen and opened it. “Ah Carmala, I just got another flippin email on the Johnson deal. It’s a million dollar deal I’ve been working on for weeks and was hoping to close it out before year-end. Now they are going to deny it. The Bank just doesn’t want to let their money go on it. The bastards are making every excuse in the world just to deny the deal, I swear it’s such a waste of time. God! I gotta go.”

Margo was so work obsessed and money hungry it made Carmala sick sometimes. But for just a second she forgot her problems and thought that Margo’s poor husband Timmy must feel abandoned. “You spend too much time at work. You should be with Timmy, Margo. It’s Friday night for god’s sakes. Do you know where he is?”

“I don’t have time for this now Carmala, really, I gotta go. I’ll call you tomorrow.” Margo promised.

“Okay, fine. Bye.” Carmala hung up feeling miserable.

She dragged herself over to her surround sound audio system and replayed, for the fourth time, Mariah Carey’s song “Miss You Most (At Christmas Time)”. Sometimes it just felt right to be sad. What was Guido doing now? Was he thinking of her? Having shared the past four Christmases together they were apart this one which was only ten days away. Why did she have to break it off? They could have worked things out. Maybe he’d be more open to work on his issues by now. Should I call him?

She reached for the phone, speed-dialed his phone number, for about the fifteenth time that night, and hung up before he answered. She better not speak to him, the whole mess would start all over again. Somehow I’ll get through the night, if I could just fall asleep I know I’ll feel better tomorrow.

The memory of his arms around her, kissing her and making sweet love to her  flooded her mind and then the sobs rose up in her and she couldn’t stop crying. She could taste the salt from her tears in her mouth.

Guido saw Carmala’s phone number appear on his caller id, as he had numerous times that night. He decided to call her back, his heart pounding hard in his chest.

Carmala listed to her phone ring. She looked on the caller id and it was Guido!Should she engage the entire mess over? He was bound to cheat again. Ah, what the hell, she answered, knowing that her voice revealed her crying but she didn’t care, “Hello?”

“Carmala, you called me like twenty times, you okay?”

“Yes, I called, but it was just a mistake.” She hung the phone back up then promptly took it off the hook. Once again she replayed “Miss You Most” and promised herself that would be the last time she listened to it, for tonight anyway.


About celiaboop

I am a contemporary romance women's fiction novelist who is writing a series about a group of characters that want to reach out to you and talk about having fun with Mr. Wrong throughout their daily life. Someday soon these characters will be telling their story in book format. They're just waiting for the right publisher. Meanwhile I would like to share with you some exerpts the book and some new scenarios that the Fab Four so inspire me to share with their fan base. I hope you will find the stories enjoyable, humourous at times and perhaps inspiring as it may or may not apply to your own life!
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One Response to Missing Guido Most During the Christmas Season

  1. Regina lucente says:

    Celia was always a great writer. Xoxo

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