Why Me?

Carmala couldn’t understand how he could live with himself for doing it and why she continued to put up with him. Granted, spending time with him after a long hard day in her competitive business was like taking a soak in a perfectly tempered spa, but seriously, did he think that his new GPS people finder app wouldn’t make him look like a joke eventually? She was incredulous to see him peeking through the window at Delmonico’s Bar while she was attempting to negotiate a deal with her business client Marc Blass.

“Marc, can you excuse me for a minute, I’ll be right back.”

It was a bit abrupt and she looked nervous to him, “What’s wrong Carmala?”

“Nothing, seriously, I’ll be right back.”

“You know it’s getting late and, my wife is expecting me shortly. Can this wait until Monday? It’s Friday night and we usually have date night. The babysitter is expected in half and hour and I’m at least an hour away.” He didn’t know why she was pursuing this matter with Michael Maddox. Everyone on Wall Street knew he was playing with fire on this sudden need to expand his successful horse breeding business into the polo training business.

Great, she was going to lose him before she got him. Michael was expecting her to line up the financing for his business expansion and she had to get Marc’s buy in before anyone elses. Guido was still outside, maybe he would wait, she had to get this thing wrapped up and quick, “Marc, you know me. I have never taken a risk that wasn’t worth taking in all my eight years of being in this business. Now, I’ve studied his financials, he can withstand a loss on this new business venture, he’s heavily capitalized, but I think we have a winner here! We’re talking Wellington, Florida, Marc, the Capitol for polo games!”

She had a point, he had to admit, and Maddox Industries did have favorable financial stats, “I’ll tell you what. Let me look at the proposal and maybe I can line up the first million. But, really, kiddo I have to go. Hope you can handle the little problem out there.” He nodded in the direction of where Guido was still standing outside staring at them through the window. “Need my help?”

“No, really, I got it. I’ll get back to you Monday. And, don’t worry about the check, I got that. You enjoy your date night.” She was mortified, absolutely mortified, but knew she had to maintain her calm. It was all about appearances in this business, never let them know your sweating, personally or professionally. 

“Alright then, Carm. Take care.” He kissed her cheek goodbye and was out the door breezing past the glaring Guido as though he didn’t exist.

As soon as Marc went by him, Guido came storming in the bar, “Carmala, you said you’d be home by six and it’s almost 7pm!”

She ignored him, paid the tab and then pulled him back outside, “I have nothing to say to you Guido! You’re now compromising my job! Do you realize he almost left before I finished what I had to do? You could have blown it for me!”

He felt a tinge bad about it but he felt justified in what he did because they agreed that they wouldn’t go to bars without each other. He smelled the alcohol on her breath and it really annoyed him, she promised him she wouldn’t drink. “You made a promise Carmala. You promised that you wouldn’t go out and drink with these men after work and here you are doing it.”

She began to walk down William Street on the way to the subway, it was damned cold and she knew he wasn’t going to let this go. He’d want to talk about it all night. Another Friday night down the drain and she was just feeling good about the hook on Marc, “Guido I’d like to have a relaxing evening with you. I am tired and quite embarrassed.”

He was trying to keep up with her stride, she was practically running for the subway, damn her, she couldn’t possibly think he was enjoying this, “Carmala we need to hash this out.”

She spotted a cab and hailed it and it quickly made its way to her. Screw him, she thought, I don’t need this, “I’ll tell you what, hash this  out!” and slipped into the cab giving the cabbie orders to get her to 34th and Broad as soon as possible.  Guido stood there, stunned, as the cab sped away.


About celiaboop

I am a contemporary romance women's fiction novelist who is writing a series about a group of characters that want to reach out to you and talk about having fun with Mr. Wrong throughout their daily life. Someday soon these characters will be telling their story in book format. They're just waiting for the right publisher. Meanwhile I would like to share with you some exerpts the book and some new scenarios that the Fab Four so inspire me to share with their fan base. I hope you will find the stories enjoyable, humourous at times and perhaps inspiring as it may or may not apply to your own life!
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One Response to Why Me?

  1. Gail says:

    I think you are going to do REALLY well writing this series as your style of writing is very engaging and I enjoyed reading your posts. I will continue to follow your writing.

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