A Day with Margo

Margo Spamozzi is one of Carmala’s best friends that she’s known since high school. Today she is visiting her for the day to celebrate her birthday.  Carmala  brought her well-needed tools for her mental health. You probably don’t know this, but she has just recovered from her agoraphobia and has just broken out of her home on Long Island. During her period of agoraphobia she escaped from the world and stayed inside her house, literally for months, not leaving to even get groceries and had to rely on her nutritionist the man-crazy Izzie Wharton, to pick them up. Carmala managed to get her to start getting out a bit, although so today they’ve been hanging out at her house. She accidentally crazy-glued her hand to her bedroom door and right now we can’t leave because we are doing emergency glue removal.  Carmala could swear that Margo did this thing with the crazy glue just so they wouldn’t be able to go out. Carmala hoped she would be able to un-glue her, both in her physical predictament and her still stuck mental state. She suggested that they go for a bike ride in the state park located a half mile from the house.


About celiaboop

I am a contemporary romance women's fiction novelist who is writing a series about a group of characters that want to reach out to you and talk about having fun with Mr. Wrong throughout their daily life. Someday soon these characters will be telling their story in book format. They're just waiting for the right publisher. Meanwhile I would like to share with you some exerpts the book and some new scenarios that the Fab Four so inspire me to share with their fan base. I hope you will find the stories enjoyable, humourous at times and perhaps inspiring as it may or may not apply to your own life!
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